Chang Zheng-8 (Long March 8)


CZ-8 model

The Chang Zheng-8 (CZ-8, or Long March 8) is a medium-lift launch vehicle intended for Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) missions, with a payload capacity of 3 to 4.5 tonnes to SSO. The launch vehicle is currently in concept evaluation and is expected to make its debut flight in 2020.

Despite a lack of detailed information, the CZ-8 is believed to be based on the first-stage of the CZ-7, powered by two single-chamber 1,200 kN-thrust YF-100 liquid-fuelled engines burning the LOX/kerosene bi-propellant. It will be added with the third-stage of the CZ-3A/B/C series launch vehicle, powered by a YF-75 engine burning the LOX/LH2 bi-propellant. The launch vehicle will also be assisted by two or four solid rocket boosters.

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